2020 hard mindset- high performance lessons from billionaires

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Ted Turner success leaves Clues kids I just named five of the greatest names and business in the last 150 years and they all have one thing in common their ball busters they're hard as nails where does that leave you, I still work 50-60 hours a week and I haven't had to work in 35 years he's not willing to do anything you're not willing to sacrifice anything to be a high-performance person I don't want to be like that now most people don't I want to be liked yeah well seeing you want to fit in I don't I'm the only speaker that you're ever gonna hear that really with all his heart doesn't give a if I leave here you liken me I did something wrong

if we would like to improve the quality of our lives personally and professionally what would be your advice what can we do what is most important well the most important thing is self-esteem the people that do we read about the people that we admire Elon Musk's the Steve Jobs the Warren Buffett's etc all have one thing in common they have extremely high self esteem of course you've heard me say this before self esteem has built the first seven or eight years of life and unfortunately we're with our parents the first seven or eight years of life ego we don't have too much high self esteem but to build high self esteem and the way you build high self esteem if you're 25,35 or 45 is to be around/surround yourself with other people that have high self esteem show me your friends and I'll show your future and so you can still you can reverse your childhood by who you associate with how do you do this well you find people that
are that are where you want to be but they're already there you're 22 years old you're 32 you're 41 years old and there's a guy or a gal who's 45 years old who is where you want to be they've
accomplished a lot of things, if you're into they're saving the world, they're using their money for good causes, go associate with those people, be around those people and there are easy to find but you they're not going to knock on your door they're not going to come to your apartment or your flat and ask you oh can I help you? and the best tool I've ever seen it's like it was designed for this is a LinkedIn it's the best social media tool for what we're discussing and you can find these people now just remember everybody that's on LinkedIn all the I don't know 20 million or whatever people that aren't LinkedIn are all there for one reason they're there because they want to do business they want to meet people unlike some of the other social medias like Facebook or Twitter but I mean LinkedIn they're there but for a common purpose they have a common bond they have a common goal they want to expand their horizons and it's a great tool.

I had self-esteem I didn't know till I got grown up and was an adult that everybody didn't have self-esteem I didn't understand that I didn't realize that everybody didn't have self-confidence I didn't realize that everybody didn't have self-worth Gallup did a poll in 2016 worldwide 87.06% of all the people on the planet budget were just rounded off eighty seven percent of everybody that watched the face of the earth seven point six five billion people are unhappy the high performance people the one thing that they all have in common is they're hungry hungry for a better life hungry for change hungry for the tough love their parents didn't give them, so is that what it needs, you have to be hungry you you need to feel the pain growth only comes through pain, no pain no gain it's the same in life if love got the job done you wouldn't need podcasts you wouldn't need seminars it doesn't tough-love gets the job done but being liked doesn't get you a raise and you're working for wherever you're working for efficiency accountability most people that come to seminars are there because they weren't held accountable when they were growing up what is your definition
of a high performance person being all that you can be every day 24/7 365 being all you can be.

I asked the question a couple days ago how many of you can raise your hands, how many of you have kids, don't raise your hand now how many of you would like to have your kids grow up just like your parents you know the answer don't you close to zero because it was your role models I'm not gonna ask the second question how many of you would like your kids to grow up and be like you but being a high performance person is a full-time job I'm like this when I wake up in the morning to brush my teeth like this when I brush my teeth before I go to sleep I'm like this 24/7 365 and I've been like this for the better part of 50 years I'm always like this I'm always pushing the edge of the envelope but the Sun is gonna gobble up the earth and about between 7 and 11 billion years although I'm plan on living a long time I'm not gonna let quite that long but I you know just work hard I don't know any other thing than hard work and hard work is out of favor now it just is but I'm a dying breed how many Anders thought I understand that I'm sad to say that because I say I know it has it's a sad commentary for the human race because you're not willing to make any sacrifices to be high performance.
I still work 56 I don't consider at work, I still work 50 to 60 hours a week and I haven't had to work in 35 years so the bottom line he's not willing to do anything you're not willing to sacrifice anything to be a high performance person it sounds strange in hindsight I found making four hundred fifty million dollars easy easy and I wanted to do something more with my life and so when I got into the financial coaching I wanted to change the fabric of financial coaching which I have and I wanted to be known as that well and now that's what they call me the greatest of all time but this was just me flapping my mouth 25 years ago
now I am the greatest of all time visa vie creating wealth through people like yourselves and I wanna you know I wanted to leave that legacy and I wanted people like I'm from the barrio I from real rough background been in jail five times did a lot of ugly things but I'm glad it happened to me because I know what the other side like some of you who've never been kicked in the teeth I know what it is to be kicked in the teeth and my teeth beat on the on the pavement I know what that feels like I know the humiliation forget the pain you get over the pain I wanted the poor kids to understand that they had a methodology there was a methodology used by one of them that was once poor and gotten a lot of trouble you can do it if you want to do it bad enough the operative part of that little description is if you want it bad enough, Muhammad Ali arguably one of the
greatest fighters that ever he was talking since he's 14-15 years old I'm the greatest before he ever had a professional fighter my father said if you've got something in your mind you should come out of your lips the squeaky wheel gets the grease and you've been taught all your life not to ask you've been trained keep your head down don't embarrass yourself, don't embarrass the family don't say things that may not happen and I do just the opposite I tell you to set goals beyond your lifetime I tell you to set goals as soon as humanly possible when kids come to me they want to make a million ten million you know and then when they've made a hundred million they say mr. Pena we would have never ever dreamt that we could create a hundred million until we met you you will never exceed your highest expectation you willnever exceed your highest craziest thought never that's a guarantee but I mean kids I mean you can have whatever you want.


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