If you are doing this, I assure you it will make you rich

If you are doing this, I assure you it will make you rich.

Do this three times a day for 33 days and see wonders happening in your life Nikola Tesla once said if you only knew the magnificence of the three six and nine then you would have a key to the universe according to Nikola Tesla the numbers three six and nine are divine numbers these numbers are divinely encoded in our number system and they reflect the quality of the divine what is the quality of the divine indestructible it is said that a circle has 360 degrees 3 plus 6 is 9 and no matter how many times you divide the circle you always get the number of either 3 or 6 or 9 you need to combine these three numbers three six nine with abraham's 17 second rule according to Abraham if you focus a thought as long as 17 seconds that thought starts to attract other thoughts other energy forms to make those thoughts bigger and if you could hold it for 68 seconds manifestation will begin that is the power of 17 seconds and interestingly 7 minus 1 is 6 so you see the divine is always speaking to us it just depends on whether or not you want to listen to it you have to practice this for 33 days every morning when you get up you're gonna write it three times and when you're writing it make sure that you focus on the feeling it's very important and when you're writing it imagine yourself visualize yourself being in your dream job in your dream relationship whatever you're manifesting you have to get yourself in that place three rounds of 17 seconds in the morning and then get out and completely, let go now you're leveraging the secret code 3 you're using 3 to initiate the 17 second magic during the day preferably lunchtime write it six times when you're writing at that time you're gonna feel the energy will be different because you already initiated energy in the morning it's very important to get in the feeling place that positive being essence feeling place after you're done simply get out and then before bed this is going to be your last round of writing this statement you're gonna write it nine times again this time you want to get in the feeling place and then get out preferably you do this right before bedtime in that way you can go into your dream state go into your sleep state with a positive feeling that you have generated so in the morning you initiate your manifestation with the secret code three and during the day you amplify your manifestation by using six and before bed at night you complete your manifestation using the secret code nine three six and nine will be embedded in your manifestation energy and this will amplify your power in manifesting your dream life and making whatever you wish to manifest come to you much faster much more effectively much more in alignment with the rhythm of the universe remember every day are completing a circle of three six and nine I highly recommend you try it if you can do it for thirty three days which adds up to a six or for 45 days which adds up to a nine you are going to see your life transform, never forget how essential you are and how much potential you have.
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