Tips To Grow Your YouTube Channel And Get More Subscribers Easily In 2020

If I knew what I know now about YouTube back when I started my YouTube channel, my channel would be so much larger than it is right now, In this Article I will discussing How to Grow your YouTube channel in 2020 because it will really helps you  with the New YouTube algorithm and you know it's free so I am super super excited for you to keep visiting this blog for future updates on how to grow your YouTube channel.

I will be sharing all the tips and tricks so I suggest you should bring out your Pen and Paper or your Notepad to get things down, because I will be sharing all juicy stuff here.
There is enough room here on YouTube for all of us to win it's not a competition so things that I know I have no problem sharing with you guys because if you shine and you succeed on your YouTube journey which I hope to God you do.

YouTube is not a competition you are in your own lane and I feel like that's one of the biggest mistakes that people make when they start their YouTube channel, they start looking at people who started around the same time as them and they're wondering why is this person's channel tracking up and not me and why is this person getting all the views and not me, they're always comparing always competing and I feel like when you compete with other people is when you're not gonna succeed because you're focused on your left, your right, behind, you don’t focused everywhere but your own path so that's one thing to keep in mind when you're starting your YouTube channel, do not compare yourself to anybody else because comparison is the thief of joy, just focus on outdoing yourself and focus on how you can provide value to your audience you are targeting and your YouTube family, if you don't already have a YouTube channel but you're searching up this Content and you want to know how to grow your YouTube channel but you don't already have one take this Content as a sign just to get started.

I get this question all the time is it too late to start my channel right now?  

I feel like the industry I want to make videos in it's too saturated, maybe you want to start a beauty channel there's so many beauty YouTube and you're wondering if 2020 is too late for you to start your channel, the answer is absolutely NO, it is not too late for you to start your YouTube channel and I'm gonna answer this the same way I always answer people who ask is it too late for me to start my business,  NO the market is not too saturated people love to use the word saturated as an excuse as to why they're not succeeding if anything, now is the best time to start your channel because there's so many more resources out there for you so many more people are being transparent with how to grow your channel behind the scenes how much they're making there's so much more content out there and resources for you to know how to start your channel and scale it easier so if anything now is the perfect time to start your channel and let me tell you something. 
YouTube is not going anywhere YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet followed by the number one search engine which is Google and guess what it's the same company YouTube is owned by Google they're both not going anywhere anytime soon it's free to start it's 99% free to start your channel you're not gonna know if you like it if you don't try you're not gonna be able to grow if you don't just start your channel, so just do it just start the worst that can happen is that you don't like the video and you delete it that is the worst case scenario but the best case scenario is that you find an audience that loves your content wants more of it and you get to continue creating content that you love creating so if you feel like you've been looking for a sign on starting your channel take this Content as a sign get out of your own way and just start your channel I promise you won't regret it the worst that can happen is that you don't like it and you take it down, okay so let's talk about video content what kind of content should you even be posting in order to grow.

Firstly: choose something that you'll enjoy and keep it consistent you don't need to niche down so much that you feel like you're in a tunnel and you can't create other content you love and that resonate with who you are as person but you need to create content that has a consistent theme I think one of the biggest mistakes that YouTube first start and I made the same mistake too is creating content that's all about you, now don't take this the wrong way I hate to say it I hope I don't sound ridiculous but nobody knows you, in the beginning nobody knows who you are so seeing every aspect of your life right off the bat can confuse your audience don't post a skincare routine video and then tomorrow post a best friend tag and then the day after that post a fitness workout routine video and then the day after that make a video about baking cookies like it's too broad and maybe to you these are all relevant things to you and these are things that are important to you but in the beginning nobody really knows who you are and they quite frankly don't care I hope I don't come off sounding mean guys, because trust me I wish somebody had told me this in the beginning of my first video on my channel. Because here's the thing the majority of people who watch your video but won’t subscribe after their first video they subscribe after the second but some are at the fourth sometimes even the fifth video by the way if you're still on this Page don't forget to Share with friends and also drop your comments as well because you know it makes a huge difference and it's free if you're not bringing an audience from another social media platform nobody really knows who you are and they're not interested in your entire lifestyle you need to make sure that your content is providing some sort of value and some sort of consistency and when I say value it's not necessarily that you're teaching them anything let's say you're having a comedy channel, just you being entertaining is the value that people receive when they come to your videos so one of my favorite channels on YouTube now is MARK ANGEL COMEDY so she keeps it consistent from the beginning all the way down to the end every single video that she puts out doesn't matter what it's about even a story time it stays consistent her videos stay consistent because her personality stays consist if you're gonna upload a video today being super goofy really funny super bubbly and then your next video you're very serious very stern people are gonna be confused like who are you what's going on so her personality is the value so don't always think that you have to teach something, you have to be an expert in something like just keep whatever you're providing consistent, whatever you're trying to portray in your videos make sure that it’s shown throughout.  your channel is about physical appearance maybe today you're doing a skincare routine it doesn't mean that you need to mesh so much that every single video that you put out is skincare related, skin care today maybe tomorrow you're doing hair after that how to shave without getting razor bumps maybe the day after that you're showing how to do your own mani-pedi everything is physical self-care related so after you post your first few videos of consistent aim related videos your audience is gonna tell you what kind of videos they want to see next, your audience is now asking you oh can you do a boyfriend tag or can you vlog more you get your next content ideas from your comments from your audience, from your subscribers they're gonna tell you the type of content that they want to see next so then you can explore other parts of you that you find interesting because at that point you and your audience have built a bond where they feel like they know you so clicking on your video about your day or seeing you and your friends interact it doesn't feel foreign to them because you guys kind of feel like friends the Internet is a really interesting place because you feel like you're connected to people that you haven't met before there are YouTube i watch and i feel like we're already friends so if they were to post a blog on their day even though I've been only watching.  but it's always good to have a list of video ideas that you can refer to if you're not sure what to record next on my phone notes I always have at least fifty ideas of videos that I want to record I could be anywhere I could be in the grocery store I'm taking a walk I'm in the bathroom I think of a video idea and I put it in my notes, so that there's never a time that I'm like I don't know what to record but the thing is I barely have to refer to that because oftentimes I get ideas based off videos I've already created and the questions or comments that are in the comments section

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