Why Your Channel Used to Grow Before and now it Doesn't

Hello My amiable Readers, I know it's frustrating how come your Channel that used to perform excellently before now become useless to you, isn't it? why can't youtube growth just be what we want it and expect it to be just a straight upward growth over time, I think we realize that sometimes not every channel can be like that sometimes there are days or weeks or months where growth isn't as fast and rapid as we would hope,  and you're doing all the same things you always did that grew the channel before why are those things no longer working today in this post I will be giving you tips to improve your youtube channel in easy way, Am here to help you grow your YouTube audience you can spread a message that reaches people, changes their lives and you're not judging their lives, you're not growing your business, you're not making any money if your channel is flat or even starting to decline there's two main reasons why this happens which are as follows.

1.     The first reasons to take not of is, it's very common for a YouTube channel to experience most of their growth from just like a few heavy-hitting videos on their channel they maybe you're publishing content regularly but most of the growth is really coming from a few older videos on your channel and as you know YouTube is always changing those other videos that are being uploaded to the platform all the time and so your video might have been like a really good video for a while but for one reason or another whether someone's out ranking you in search now or everyone who was interested in that video has now seen it or maybe it's just not as relevant today as it used to be whatever the case is those top videos are declined and really the new content you've been publishing hasn't really been helping your channel grow the way that those older videos have.

2.      The second thing to consider is that maybe your audience is just getting bored, it's not uncommon for even like a television series I was like really high rated and doing really well, they go no longer than seven seasons before it finally goes off the air and is no longer in production, audiences just get bored and they start wanting something new and this isn't true just in our industry or in television but musicians as well like any musician who's going to stay relevant album after album like every album they're kind of reinventing their brand and the next album sounds a little bit different than the one before, if every album just stayed the same people would just get bored of their music be like “oh they are just the same artists they always were there's nothing new here” so to stay relevant and keep growing you can't just keep making the same content you've made for years look at some of the top creators have been consistently top creators you got like philip defranco and shane dawson and creators like that they are still delivering a very similar value but they've reinvented themselves and are doing that in a new way, what I'm not talking about here is taking a hard left turn and being like guys that used to do this but now I'm doing the totally different thing what I'm talking about is continuing to deliver the value that your audience is coming to you for but what is version 2.0 that look like explore new things you maybe never otherwise would have considered and then start experimenting with this and let's try experimenting with that and let's try this idea let's just do maybe five videos like this.

I believe with these Little tips you can Boost up your channel to how it used to be in the past if not make it more than how it used to be before, I will be expecting your comments and I will be glad to help you guys so your channel can succeed.

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