How to buy distressed property

In other words in the 2020 it cannot make meltdown how to buy distressed property so in this Post I'm gonna talk about what is a distressed property, how to find them how to fund them right and a couple of bonuses if you stick to the very end.

So first of all I want to define, what is it distressed property, if distressed property is really not the real estate, is basically the owner of the property could be residential. it could be commercial doesn't matter so when in the industry they refer to distressed property what they're talking about is a motivated seller that must sell now, they must sell because of two reasoning,

So going back to the story we're talking about distressed property and what is a distress property, is a seller that must sell their property because they're financially in a hard situation or they are in a emotional heart situation like going to a divorce, death in the family and in 2020 there's still a lot of motivated sellers out there because of what's happening with Big Brother shutting down businesses there's millions of millions of people that can't afford to make their monthly payments, that's why we have the forbearance programs going on and there are times about to be up okay so in it might in my prediction and they're not in the next six month to 18 month we're gonna see massive reduction in prices of real estate, assuming that they're gonna open back to fore closure process because if they don't open up the fore closure process then the excessive inventory is not gonna hit the market so now that we know what a distressed property is.

 I'm gonna share with you where to find these properties and then I'm gonna share with you how to fund these properties, so a bank loan is now required or a large sum of money is now required, one of the most important part about finding distressed property is marketing.

If you don't have a marketing system in place and you're not gonna find motivated sellers because they don't know that you exist and so that what the marketing does it finds a motivated sellers and says, look I can help you with your property, I can help you buying your property, and so if you're interested in marketing?  I use 39 different ways to find motivated sellers for free or almost afraid some of them will require this much money, some one we require no money either way if you put no money in you gotta put sweat, equity in it, you don't want to put the sweat equity in you got to put the money in that's a simple of it however if you don't do marketing you're not gonna find any motivated
sellers why because they don't know you exist, now what is the benefit of finding motivated sellers,

Okay that's very crucial people ask me all the time is that but being able to get houses at a deep discount because people say why is there a deep discount, well because there's not that much competition when I'm marketing for a motivated seller,  I'm going off roading and not everyone knows what that path is to that seller verses about by editor action verses about buy at REO bank owned properties verses about buying it on the MLS that's why there's so much value in off-market property because there's not competition to it, okay now that's why I wholesalers fine off market properties and then they bring it and then they give it out to cash buyers or landlords or what have you so understanding that marketing is the driving factor and if you want my marketing just leave a comment.

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