Tips on how to use Social media to Promote your Career

Social is one of the most important means or aspect no any business or person should ignore, yes you can choose not to use social media to promote your brand,business,services and lots more only if you don't want to be successful or see positive result on your investment.

There's no lack of social media platforms to post your stuff on. The  amount of social media websites are increasing every single day,   Advertising your ideas  or products is key to your success on the right platforms.

Below i will be discussing about main things you shouldn't miss on your social media profile.

This may seem to be like an obvious first step which is the most important thing to setup on your social media accounts, there are hundreds if not thousands of brands and business out there that neglect or forget to completely fill out their social profiles must especially on their website, take a look at the screenshot below.
Above is a logistic company that provide service to its customers anywhere within and outside the country, in the above photo, they stated their office address, mobile phone number, company website link, the category of the business they are into(Cargo) and also their working hour, With the about page properly set up, your customers will be able to know about your service  and how they can reach you for any assistance and the proper time to get to you.

Another most important part of your online presence is to try and be active and be there to answer your customers questions and be available to give them an understanding hand about any queries or inquires they want to make about your business or services, no mater how busy you are always be there to interact with your followers.
Above photo shows how a customer who is expecting his/her parcel and decided to get to the company via their social media platform, Customers usually choose social media over website contact form, because they feel that's the best way they will be convenient with.

Visual communication reaches out that when customer clicks through their social media platforms, and they're much more likely to encounter it to get engaged. This also assists you to express much then you could ever, without wasting up so much space in some kind of a normal post. Information to make informed, fantasy-driven content to really get the highest quality reactions.

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